I have my site integrated with paypal using PDT. 
We use PHP as the scripting language. 
Can you provide some examples on how to do the same with paydotcom? 

I'm unable to find examples and instructions on how to do this from the menu. 

Thanks in advance, 

Hello JP, 

Let me quickly clarify Mike's response. Our IPN is basically a forwarding of the the PayPal / Stormpay IPN, with a few extra fields: 

pdc_version=1 (for now) 

The primary difference is that you verify the PDC IPN by checking it against the \\"secret\\" you enter into order setup against pdc_secret, rather than POSTing back to PayPal. 

With that minor change, most standard PayPal scripts will work with PDC. 

As our IPN system will become more advanced, the pdc_version number will be updated, however we will strive to retain a \\"superset\\" of the PayPal notifications.